20 patients treated in our on-going European Valvosoft® Pivotal Study !

February 27th 2023

As of end of January 2023, a total of 20 patients affected with Aortic Stenosis have been treated with Cardiawave ’s non-invasive ultrasound therapy medical device combining ultrasound therapy, robotics and ultrasound imaging, in our on-going European Valvosoft® Pivotal Study !

Congratulations to:
Amphia Ziekenhuis Hospital, Breda (The Netherlands) – thanks to Dr. Sander IJsselmuiden, Dr. Menno van Gameren, Dr. Jonathan Halim and team who treated 4 patients since December 2022;
Radboud University Nijmegen Hospital, Nijmegen (The Netherlands) – thanks to Dr. Anthonie (Toon) Duijnhouwer, MD, PhD, Dr. Marleen Van Wely, Dr. Flavien VINCENT and team who treated 2 patients in January,
#HEGP, Paris (France) – thanks to Pr. Emmanuel Messas, Pr. Bernard CHOLLEY and team who treated 1 patient in January.

This news confirms the progress of our clinical development, and we look forward to continue demonstrating through this pivotal study the performance and efficacy of our breakthrough non-invasive ultrasound therapy solution, complementary to TAVR.

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